Hoàng Lai Group hệ thống kho lạnh hàng đầu việt nam
Refrigerated warehousing and export goods are automatically controlled by a modern software system. Security function, backup (back - up) and manage users in groups or in each specific business to help minimize data risks.

Warehouse system with a capacity of over 20,000 pallets, clean, ventilated, equipped with fire protection system, good heat and lighting system, is divided into many separate warehouses with different area and temperature from +5 oC to -25 oC to meet the needs of customers warehouse.

Customer information is updated accurately and effectively. Provide passwords so customers can access data on import and export goods as quickly as possible.

Goods are managed by type, size, production date or contract and according to customer requirements.

Warehouse temperature is strictly controlled, with temperature monitoring chart (when customers need).

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Freezing Service
Provide customers with freezing and packaging services such as: Agricultural products, Seafood products, Packaging services
cold storage
Hoang Lai GROUP  is a professional, modern cold storage system, specialized in renting and leasing cold storage for preserving frozen sea food, agriculture products. Currently with the highest capacity in Vietnam. And located in strategic position to facilitate the entry of goods for our customers