vision and development direction

Hoang Lai GROUP is a corporation specialized in processing, preserving imported & exported seafood in Vietnam

From 2000 till now, HOANG LAI GROUP has gradually invested and firmly developed the processing and exporting of seafood. At the same time, the group has advanced the cold storage system for imported & exported goods with total capacity of more than 50.000 tons. Toward the establishment and thrift of Logistic activities in the whole system.

20 năm
Hình thành & phát triển
Kho lạnh lớn
+50.000 TẤN
Hình thành & phát triển
Chứng nhận & giải thưởng
coldstorage system of

Hoàng Lai GROUP

Hoang Lai GROUP has gradually invested and put into operation a cold storage system for lease with a capacity of 50,000 tons with modern equipment.
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